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Flowers with Bee

Fruit Tree Ordering Meeting

Tomme and Dale have offered to host a get together for fruit tree ordering in Kalamazoo on Wednesday February 19th, 7 PM at their home, Trybal Revival Gardens. Their house is located on the corner of E. Michigan Ave and Foresman Ave. http://goo.gl/maps/CEYvh I will bring the information from Sunday’s meeting and hopefully we...

Kzoo Permaculture Weekend

Kalamazoo Permaculture Weekend

We had an action-packed weekend in September, starting with a potluck get-together and tour of Dale and Tomme’s gardens in Kalamazoo on Friday evening. Saturday Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture gave an excellent Intro to Permaculture class at the Nature Center, and Sunday we had a booth at the always-fun Harvest Festival at Tiller’s...