About Us

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Some of the books we had on display at the Harvest Festival in 2013.

This is a group for anyone interested in Permaculture in southwest Michigan, especially Van Buren and Kalamazoo counties.

We discuss topics such as sustainable living, edible landscaping, urban homesteading, useful plants, renewable energy, wild food foraging, rainwater, natural building, small-scale livestock, native species, beekeeping, peak oil, resilience, skill-sharing, organic growing, mushroom cultivation, and more.

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We have a wonderful group made up of people of all ages, from many walks of life, with varied and interesting skill sets, with every level of permaculture experience—from total beginner to folks who’ve been doing this stuff for decades. Everyone has something to teach and we encourage everyone to get involved.

If you live near here, please join in the conversation!

A group effort at the Midwest Permaculture One-Day Course

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