Oikos Tree Crops

American Persimmon Fruit

Oikos Tree Crops is a national treasure of temperate-climate permaculture plants, and we are very lucky to have them right in our area (Lawton). While they are not a retail nursery—they do not let people go there and “shop” or take tours, on account of it being a mail-order / internet business staffed by just a few people—they have an amazing assortment of plants and trees, a nice catalog and a good website.

They specialize in American Persimmons, Pawpaws, Chestnuts, Oaks with lower tannins, Serviceberries, wild Plums, nitrogen-fixers, Hickories and northern Pecans, Sunchokes, Strawberries, interesting perennial groundcovers, wildlife plants, unusual edibles, and more.

You can view their current print catalog as a PDF online, and visit their website here: http://www.oikostreecrops.com

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