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Rainwater Tote Plumbing

Here we will list contact info for those of us who have skills to share / trade / advertise. Are you a plumber who can help someone with greywater systems? Or a handyman with experience in energy-saving retrofits, looking for extra work? Or a music tutor, or someone good with numbers who I could hire to help with my taxes? Whatever you are, if you want to share it and let more people know, (and you sometimes participate in this group), we’re happy to spread the word. This can be paid work, barter, or whatever you like. (Starting with myself as an example, please join me. -PJ)

Joshua Shultz, Delton, MI

Permaculture Design and Teaching, Other Handy Work
cedarcreekpermaculture @ gmail .com | four six one

I have a bachelors degree from Western Michigan University with dual majors in Environmental Studies and Business Management with a focus on small business and entrepreneurship. I also have two Permaculture Design Certificates, one in tropical permaculture from Rancho Mastatal in Costa Rica and one in temperate climate permaculture from Midwest Permaculture in Illinois. I worked at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in The Bahamas for three years designing and installing a commercial aquaponics system and managing the eighteen acre campus. This included gray and black water treatment ponds, farm animals, compost systems, living roofs, a biodigester, a two acre seven-layer food forest, a small commercial aquaponics system, and all of the building landscapes.

My skills include; system design, aquaponics design and operation, site master plan design, teaching, most general construction skills and techniques, alternative energy systems, greenhouse design and construction, natural building techniques, black and grey water systems, rainwater cistern design and construction, biodiesel production, vermicomposting, black soldier fly composting, some mushroom cultivation knowledge and experience, most permaculture skills and techniques, plant propagation and grafting, some welding, lots of automotive and general mechanical skills, and I am pretty good with wiring and electrical for home and automobiles. I also have a metal fabrication shop, woodworking shop, and a band saw mill.

I am available for design work, master plans, prototyping, fabrication, construction, plumbing, electrical, woodworking, sawing, building, and teaching. I also have an extensive library with how-to books and reference books on most homesteading, skilled trades, and permaculture topics. Possible barter or paid design work for smaller projects; general advice offered for free, within reason. Larger projects or services are negotiable.

PJ Chmiel, Lawton, MI

Graphic Design, Website Work, and Permaculture Advice.
pjchmiel @ gmail .com | (269) 823-88 four-seven.

Graphic design: 15+ years professional experience with things like logos, print advertising, catalog and book design, posters, invitations, some illustration and photography, basic website design and maintenance. A few examples of design work here. Mostly interested in paid work as this is how I make a living.

Permaculture: 7 years of mostly self-study including a PDC certificate from Mark Shepard at New Forest Farm in Viola, WI. Started a 3-acre forest garden project in 2010 on a dry, sandy site. Initiated Van-Kal PC group a few years ago to bring locals together. Some experience with site mapping, a decent working knowledge of plants and trees, experience with smaller-scale rainwater collection and most basic PC skills. Large library of PC books, as well as many on alternative/green building and home maintenance. Possible barter or paid design work for smaller projects; general advice offered for free, within reason.