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Winter Forms of Woody Perennials

Winter Forms and Plant Growth Notes, 2016

Documentation of the growth habits / forms of some of the woody perennials at my (PJ’s) forest garden, with a snowy backdrop and a 6-foot “yardstick” to show scale, with notes about planting years. I have dry, sandy soil and a lot of these things didn’t get much care or watering—plus many have been...

Skills for Self-Reliance

Skills for Self-Reliance: Adapting to a Changing World

Join us at Lily Hill Farm in Lawton for a day-long primer in homesteading skills, permaculture, raising small livestock, self-sufficiency, and creating “food forests.” Lunch will be provided.

Forest Garden Tours

Food Forest Garden Tour Series

Visit two different forest gardens on two very different sites in Southwest MI—throughout an entire growing season! Forest Gardens or “Food Forests” are a way of growing food by imitating nature: plants on many layers, cooperating rather than competing. It doesn’t mean growing food in a dark forest—more like a semi-open woodland featuring many...

Permaculture Slide Show at Lily Hill Farm

NOTE: PJ Posting this on behalf of Jenny Pell) Hi Van-Kal permaculture, I’m visiting from the Seattle area, consulting with Lily Hill Farm for 5 days, and we are hosting a slideshow, lecture, and Q & A evening this Monday. It would be great if some folks from your community would join us. I’ll...

Colette O’Neill

Looking at pictures of the Permaculture gardens at Bealtaine Cottage, it seems completely impossible that such beauty and abundance could have come from 3 acres of north-facing, wet, rush-infested land, without the help of any chemicals or tilling. It’s even more remarkable that this garden of Eden was built almost entirely by one woman...

Gibbs House Design Sketch

Food Forest Design Charette

A design charette at WMU’s Office for Sustainability regarding the food forest and permaculture design we are putting in at the Gibbs House property out at the Business and Technology Research Park.  The meeting is Friday, Feb. 21 from 5pm to 6:30, snacks and refreshments will be provided, and we are looking for the...