Member Websites

Potluck at John and Amy's
Potluck at John and Amy's

Many of our members are documenting their activities on websites of their own, here are a few for starters, if you’d like to have your page / link added, just let PJ know.

Trybal Revival Gardens (Dale and Tomme)

Lillie House (Mike and Kim)

Cedar Creek Permaculture (Josh)

EarthenHeart Homestead (Julian)

Stone Circle Farm (Rita and Norm)

Harvest of Joy CSA (Amy and John)

EarthSmith Food & Forest Products (Clayton)

Southwest Michigan Homestead (John and Geri)

Gibbs House Project (WMU) (Derek, Josh, etc.)

Rustling Knapweed Forest Garden (PJ)

Tabitha Farm (Katie Pearson)

One Love Oasis (Melissa)

Thunder Mountain Forest Farm (Zach and Kate)

Camp of the New Rising Sun

We also discuss our projects quite a bit on the e-mail list.