Permaculture Activist Group Subscription

I (PJ) have purchased a “bulk” subscription to Permaculture Activist, a wonderful magazine that’s been serving the U.S. Permaculture community since the mid-1980s. It’s 4 issues a year, and I get 10 copies of each issue mailed to me for a deeply discounted price. $10 for a year’s worth of issues (a bargain at $2.50/issue – newsstand price is $6.50 and I don’t know if anyplace local even carries it). The latest issue is themed on Seasonal Cycles of Work. Just the book reviews by Peter Bane are worth the cover price, here’s one he wrote about Ben Falk’s The Resilient Homestead:

This year’s subscriptions are all spoken for, I’d rather not keep adding new people ad-hoc as that will complicate distribution and keeping track of who started on which issue. Maybe next year we can double the quantity and still get everyone this great deal.

Committed Subscribers for 2016:
1) PJ C. (paid) [x, x,]
2) Sam E. (paid) [x, x]
3) Heather C. (paid) [x, x]
4) Mike H. (paid) [x, x]
5) Dave P. (paid) [x, ]
6) Norm B. (paid) [x, x]
7) Carol I. () [x]
8) Steve S. []

[x = issues distributed to subscriber]

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