March Meetup and Apple Pruning

Tree Pruning at Rachelle's

Our March Van-Kal Permaculture meetup was at Rachelle’s place. We spent a couple hours outdoors pruning a really overgrown old apple tree (Thanks to John and Josh for the pruning guidance and Tomme and Steve for their skill and daring in tree-climbing). We also had an excellent meal and conversation indoors. A great time was had by all as usual, thanks to all who attended and especially to Rachelle (and her housemates) for hosting!

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Rachelle had this to add as a follow-up:

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who came yesterday! The help with the overgrown apple tree was fantastic, and I learned enough, I’m going to try cleaning up the smaller apple tree. And all the feedback I got on this property was great. I keep standing around the yard and imagining–it was a real joy to hear all the things that I’ve thought about–plus lots more–echoed by you guys as real possibilities. You guys are awesome! It gave me new energy to get a ton of seeds started.

Which reminds me, while I was out front today planting seeds and seeing what survived the winter (looks like the rosemary is my only casualty of the perennials, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed on that one), two of my neighbors came by to ask about permaculture because they’d seen the signs yesterday. Casey, from across the street, said she’s JUST joined the Facebook page, and Adrian from two doors down was excited about the idea of Transition. How cool is that??

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