Native Pollinator Workshop at Riverview Launch

Native Pollinator Workshop

Dale, Tomme and Sam teamed up to organize this wonderful event at the Riverview Launch in Kalamazoo, just in time for spring. Ann Fraser from Kalamazoo College gave a very good presentation on the importance, habits, and life cycles of native bees (and other pollinators), and afterward we all got to assemble cool little bee-condos made from reclaimed lumber and stuffed with repurposed “invasive” phragmites reeds. Thanks to Sam and Tomme for all the prep work they did with cutting and drilling the lumber, and to Dale for getting such a great venue and speaker. Excellent turnout (hopefully lots of new friends and allies) and beautiful weather, if a bit windy, I think it’s safe to say a fun time was had by all!

Check out the photos here, if anyone is upset about their photo and wants their face blurred out or something, please e-mail

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  1. May 3, 2014

    […] Native Pollinator Workshop – Free – Learn about Native Pollinators and why they’re important. This event required registration, but had no cost. There was a presentation about the habits and life cycles of bees, and why that’s important. Participants went home with a free bee house to use at home! Van Kal Permaculture Group and Kalamazoo Bee Club were supporting this event. […]